The Zim Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry Vision is to become the most active organisation in prison outreaches, helping the inmates to reform and transform those who committed crimes.

Several visits to local prisons made Armour of Valour realize that there is no life beyond redemption. As such we partnered with large local prison and supplied books for the library with a view to instill a reading culture to the inmates and also supply food stuffs as per request. We also invited local Gospel singers to minister to them.

Prison Picture

Our Visit to the Prison

Blankets, books and cabbages were just some of the donations

Officials who helped with the prison ministry

The officials who helped the Prison Ministry

Singing at the prison

Blankets donation

The Prison hospital was not well equipped and we managed to donate bedding, blood pressure machines and glucometres.

If you would like to give a helping hand to any one of our initiatives please feel free to fill in the form and we will be in touch with you.